The Customs Before the Spring Festival

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year usually begins on the 23rd of the 12th lunar.It's a week before the lunar New Year.Chinese will do a lot of things to prepare the biggest tradictional festival.(The following dates are based on the lunar calendar)


It is said on the day, the Kitchen God(zào wáng yé) will go to Heaven to report the good and evils of the family to the Jade Emperor, the supreme ruler of Heaven. Then the Jade Emperor will decide his rewards and punishments based on the Kitchen God's reports.

On this day, a paper effigy of the Kitchen God will be burned. This is done to send the God to the Heaven. Families also offer candies (zào táng)to the Kitchen God to "bribe" him into saying good things in front of the Jade Emperor.

12.24(2020.1.18)Clean the house 

12.25(2020.1.19)Make tofu

12.26(2020.1.20)Kill pig meat for Chinese New Year


Kill a chicken to prepare meat for the Spring Festival.Go to the marketKill a chicken to prepare meat for the Spring Festival.

12.28(2020.1.22)Preparation of the New Year's staple food - cake.Stict paper-cut



To clean grave and offer sacrifices to the dead

Bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year


Bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year

The New Year's Eve dinner(nián yè fàn)

It's tradition across China to hold a lavish feast to celebrate the New Year. Chinese try very hard to make this family event, often traveling long distances.We usually stay up all night to watch the Spring Festival party, talk with friends and eat dumplings

If you want to know from the first day of the first lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, how the Chinese people spend, what customs?Please follow.



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