About Us

OrientKM is a Changchun’s most-read English language online community, a full English e-commerce website, for expats looking for the most up-to-date and reliable information and opinion about music, nightlife, restaurants, and the arts in Changchun, OrientKM is an invaluable resource.

The whole word of OrientKM is Orient Kilometer, take meanings of ‘leading direction, travelling East’. OrientKM advocate: ‘Measure footprints in Kilometers’. So the most exciting activity we group is self-driving around north east area of China. All roads lead to Rome, and what OrientKM do is to pick up a most attractive one.

Currently, we have listings for over 1,000 restaurants, clubs, stores, and other various venues around town, all of them are totally free for you to search. Before you visit, remember to read more comments on article, the suggest menu or chosen set-meal will be convenient for you to order.

OrientKM also perform users an amazing online-shop. Most of the products would be the stuff you need. OrientKM also offer a customize service, click here to submit a ‘thing’ you want to buy. Most members of OrientKM is composed of overseas students and expats. We believe that OrientKM.com would become the most attractive service Internet platform in the eyes of foreigners in Changchun.

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